We currently offer 4 different presentations with unique sets of animals and messaging. These are the most comprehensive and diverse animal programs available. Since all of the presentations and animals are unique you can book any single presentation or book multiple presentations.

Pocket Pets
Pet-Sized Animals

As Canada’s largest exotic animal rescue, one of the topics we are most passionate about is responsible pet ownership and care. There are a wide variety of pets out there than can make appropriate pets for some families with a little bit of guidance and knowledge. Our Pocket Pet Presentations will introduce the audience to a wide variety of animals and start them on a road to being good care givers to their current and future pets.

We can do a single Pocket Pet Presentation or do two separate presentations with completely different animals each time. Two presentations will introduce you to more animals and allow us to into greater topical depth.

8 Animals

Features: Small pet-sized animals

1 Handler | 60 Minutes


Additional Time           $50/ 1/2 hour

Full Day (up to 6 hours)           $495

*HST and applicable travel surcharges apply

Spider, Toad, Snake

Some animals have tails that are able to grab things. Some have quills or shells for defense. Some have poison or venom. This presentation will focus on getting kids to identify adaptations and how they help animals to survive.

This presentation features a monkey tailed skink, dove, hedgehog, bird eating tarantula, cane toad, milk snake, and many others.

8 Animals

Features: Cane Toad, Tarantula 

1 Handler | 60 minutes

Additional Time           $50/ 1/2 hour

*HST and applicable travel surcharges apply

Great Canadian North
Owl, Skunk, Snapping Turtle

Kids in school learn all about fascinating animals across the globe but they are often not taught about native animals as part of the curriculum. Canada is full of amazing animals too and this presentation is about those animals, how they are doing right now, and what we can do for backyard conservation.

This presentation features all Canadian animals including a Skunk, Barn Owl, Falcon, Snapping Turtle, and many others.

8 Canadian Animals

Features: Owl, Skunk, Snapping Turtle

1 Handler | 60 minutes


Additional Time           $50/ 1/2 hour

*HST and applicable travel surcharges apply

The Circle of Life

This presentation will focus on the food chain. Which animals are predators, which are prey, who eats who, what an apex predator is, and so on. This presentation features large predators like an American alligator all the way down to small prey animals like rabbits and the complex relationships between these animals.

This presentation will feature an American alligator, alligator snapping turtle, and reticulated python, along with some smaller mammals and birds.

Variety of 8-10 Animals

Features: Alligator 

1 Handler | 60 minutes


Additional Time           $50/ 1/2 hour

*HST and applicable travel surcharges apply

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