About Us

Animal Ambassadors is an organization filled with extremely passionate and caring team members.  With over 25+ years of combined experience, Animal Ambassadors has partnered with one of Canada's largest animal rescues. We have dedicated our lives to the rescue and care for our furry and not-so-furry friends. 


Our outreach programs is a passion that we are very proud of.  One of our team members founded Canada's largest Animal Therapy program and has brought that experience and passion to Animal Ambassadors. We love to spread education and happiness through interesting, entertaining and informative presentations.

*Animal Ambassadors is a division of Little Rays Nature Centres. Little Ray's Nature Centres are partners with the OSPCA in the care of and homing of seized exotic animals and reptiles from across Canada. 

Our Team

Meet our wonderful team of personable and friendly staff!

Kevin Dungey

Hamilton Director


*Animal Ambassadors is a division of Little Rays Nature Centres. Little Ray's Nature Centres is accredited by CAZA (Canada’s Accredited Zoos and Aquariums)



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